DSC_7625.NEF-001This is Tassitus … not Tacitus. 🙂

tass, (tassen tassar tassarna)  Svenska

Engelska paw

This was the day when Tassitus came to be, and the above would be your first Swedish lesson. Paw = tass!

Wien- Parlament-TacitusThis would be Tacitus, according to Wikipedia, but I have nothing to do with him. My husband is reading his writings in Latin, though, and thanks to that, I learned about him.

When I heard the name [Tacitus] pronounced the first time, I, being a Swedish person, thought it sounded incredibly cute — it sounded like “tass-i-tuss”, but I really think you have to be a Swedish-speaker to appreciate this. ‘Tuss’ means something fluffy, like a cotton ball.