This is a general interest blog … about what I like in life … the Web, WordPress themes [they will change often], my iPhone, my Mac … the list of what I love about life could be endless. I do have a thing for fluffy stuff, cute and cuddly!

This is also a poetry- and reward free blog



My logo tass100blue might imply this is a cat blog. It’s not. There will be the occasional cat photo, though.

Here is an explanation of the name Tassitus and how it came to be, in case anyone is interested.

I am what I am today thanks to [or in spite of] my earlier experiences … and I feel pretty, damned good about it!

In 2016, I’ll be posting once a day [at least].

9 Replies to “About”

  1. I think blogging about life is a great way to go……there is so much to like isn’t there, just as much to complain about as well……good luck with your blog…..


  2. I never checked out your ABOUT section! So thought I’d take a peek & there is sweet McDuff! He gets handsomer as he matures; jut like Sean Connery!!! LOL 🙂
    And I DO feel like I am chatting with you when we interact on your blog…one of my favorite places to be!!!!

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    1. That was nice that you did, dear Sherri-Ellen! And that’s so true about McDuff. He has a very handsome face said the proud mother 🙂

      Oh thank you, about the blog. This is my online home!

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