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Last night, I went into Yahoo Mail to see whether my oldest email account was still alive. It was. I never use it — I keep it for «sentimental reasons». It’s from 1998.

Right now, I got one of those ‘breaking news’ notices on my phone from BBC. I tend to take them more seriously than ‘breaking news’ from CNN. The latter could be some stupid sports result.

In any event, this was  about how one billion of Yahoo accounts were hacked in 2014. Names, passwords birth dates … all kinds of user details were stolen. They suspect it was a state, but wouldn’t say which one. Also, they stated no bank or credit data was stolen.

Over the years I’ve had a few Yahoo-accounts, but I went through that list and cancelled them all, except this -98 account and the one I use for Flickr … that one I have to keep, otherwise I cancel my own Flickr account, and I have all my photos there.

Now, this whole thing is so creepy and one wonders what Verizon will do now. Will they really buy Yahoo after this?!

I’ve used Gmail since 2004, but moved away from Yahoo Mail before that. For the simple reason I found all those animated, commercial ads way too annoying. Now they’re even worse.

snow_dec2016We got our first snow on Monday. Not much, but still a little bit more than predicted. The schools were closed. In my life I can’t remember one, what they call here, ‘snow day’. I grew up in northern Sweden, so there was no lack of snow.

We won’t get to keep this snow, though. After a real cold spell tomorrow and Friday, the temperature is going way up and we’ll get rain. Probably no white Christmas for us.

I took this picture with the iPhone on Monday night, outside our building. Went out to assess the car-situation … how much we would have to shovel, if any, the following day.

ferry_ducksToday was a totally monochrome day, but that changed in a few minutes, while we were inside the grocery store. When we got outside again, the cloud cover had broken up, and it turned out to be a very beautiful, winter afternoon.


15 Replies to “news update”

  1. I love duckies! That’s a very old email, wow! Surprised it hasn’t been wiped by Yahoo. I won’t use Flicker just because they make you to use Yahoo email. Thinking of setting up a 500Pixel site maybe since I’m off of all social media. Nice to see your site active Rebekah. 😎❤️


  2. I like the photo at the top – the colours, the marks in the snow in the foreground, the single streetlight against the dark background.

    I moved from Yahoo very early just as you did. It’s a nightmare for Yahoo and I wonder how they will beef up security and convince people that they have done it?


    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s actually amazing they’ve survived this far! If Verizon backs off now … one wonders if this won’t be be end of it.

      After I wrote this post I got an email from them, to an account I’d forgotten about so I went in and deleted that.


  3. I ran from Yahoo about 3 years ago Rebby! I found my emails going missing & things were so glitch. The GMX account I have now is also peculiar & I find the ads a royal pain. the thought of moving email again makes me shudder so I guess I will stay there….
    And how did you manage to keep an account open so long w/out use? That is amazing!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: We have lots of snow here & could spare you a couple of feet, hahahahaha….


    1. I guess I remembered to go there and sign in, a couple of times a year. I don’t remember how often you must do it, to make it stay alive. It’s the same with Hotmail and the likes.

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  4. I remember being told if one does not sign in within 3 months the account is deleted. Not sure if it is true. I started on Hotmail; then went to yahoo & now with GMX. I do have a back-up AOL account…I like the voice, “You’ve got MAIL!” Hahahah 🙂

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  5. I’ve had an account with Yahoo since 1999 and only keep it because of Flickr. Nice photo of the snow taken on your iphone, it came out great.
    I’ve just started to follow you again Rebekah because for some reason it said I wasn’t……strange; it also explains why I haven’t seen your posts for ages. I don’t want to lose touch. I’ve been slack with my blog, seem to have lost my motivation after changing to self-hosted and having problems with it that I can’t fix. I’d like to change back to the free WordPress – do you know how?


    1. Hey … good to see you! At some point, last year, I sort of lost it too. Posts were coming out farther and farther in between. As you see now, this one was back in December last year. In the beginning of 2016, I tried to do the once a day post, and did that for 227 days. Then, I guess, I’d drained my resources.

      Funny you should ask about going back to WordPress dot com … I have another blog about my newly awakened interest for fountain pens, and that’s self-hosted. Guess I felt excited when I found out the domain was available, and now I regret it. Want to go back to regular WordPress too, with that one [this one is ordinary]. It isn’t easy … I mean, not if you want to keep your domain name. Otherwise, it’s easy. You just export and import, and use whatever blog account your have there … or sign up for a new. I think you can move the followers with a little help from the support people.

      In case you want to keep your domain name — then you’d have to pay $99 a year to have it (what they call) ‘mapped’ to WordPress. Used to be $13 a year (!) but nowadays, you have to sign up for ‘premium’. So … I’m having the same thoughts for my fountain pen blog. I haven’t made up my mind whether I want to keep my domain name … how strongly I feel about that … or just go with an ordinary. I’m leaning towards the latter. I’m not sure whether that blog will ever take off — it’s a very ‘narrow’ niche 😀

      Please, let me know how it goes, and/or what you decide.

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