Since Leonard Cohen’s passing the other day I’ve heard more covers of Hallelujah than I’ve ever heard before.

Nevertheless … here’s one more. Knowing German, it’s interesting to realise how many Yiddish words one understands.

We are many, whose hearts and souls have been grabbed by his, often melancholy, lyrics and poems.


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  1. Before the news of Leonard’s death emerged I was listening to ‘Democracy’ in the wake of the Trump election. I thought it had a bitter relevance, but even more so the next day. I saw Leonard at a concert in 2008 and it was the best concert I have ever been to – at times you could have heard a pin drop, he was superb. RIP. (PS I can’t comment on the Yiddish/German similarities hence avoiding the topic of your post, sorry!!)


  2. It is sad that Leonard has left the world. He inspired me to write poetry when I was barely a teenager!
    The song is beautiful…..Yiddish is a combo of Hebrew; German; Russian; Polish; French & even Italian…..It is the ‘Esperanto’ of the Jewish family! No matter where you came from you could still communicate!!!
    Being Jewish is really pretty cool!!!! 😉
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


      1. We’re getting to be a few who are of the Mewish persuasion ROFL … I tried to read up on that, Annette, but honestly; at the time I was reading, it was beyond me. I think I’ll try again — to, at least, get the basics of it. 🙂


        1. Its not something you can do on your own, its work in groups and lessons, I didnt know what I went in to, but now I am there. Its difficult to explain what it is about, but for me it gives meaning. In Scandinavia it is Sweden who hosts most students, some of them come from Eastern European countries or Russia but they live in Stockholm or nearby.

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          1. I hear ya! And that was the impression I got from the little I read … ‘finding meaning’. I’m glad you found your way into this stuff, Annette.


      2. Very cool Annette!!! It is a pleasure to meet you (altho I’ve seen you here forever…)
        My family on both sides were Mewish; ORTHODOX on my Mother’s; secular on my Father’s & before that orthodox also. My father found FAITH in Concentration Camps & when he was free & in Canada he became a Reform/Liberal Mewish person. I was brought up in an orthodox environment & then the Reform way & I classify myself as a Reconstructionist Mewish person…..always evolving to fit into society but retaining my heritage.
        Being Mewish in ANY way is wonderful!!!!!
        Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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        1. I have read ears dear, I thought that Mewish is something funny- but will you please explain to me what it is. ( I have a little idea about it after I read your post). That you father found faith in KZ camps is very remarkable- honestly I cant really find words for anything about these gruesome places, but he survived even that it was almost impossible.
          About religion. I am secular, and have been that for many years.

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          1. Mewish is just a funny word that my friend Pete in Pennsylvania uses for people who have cats (who mew) & are Jewish or are drawn to Judaism! It is meant to be cute!
            As for my Father the atrocities he witnessed & what was done to him was horrific & the fact he found Faith amazes me….he was one of a kind I can tell you Annette!!!
            I am not Orthodox at all; just a Reconstrutcionist Jew who goes to Temple when I can & does most ceremonies at home…


            1. Thank you Sherri-Ellen, I fit into the Cat-egory in some way, Kabbalah and Judaism have the same root,so maybe I am Mewish, even I only have one cat now.
              At least I saw the word Mewish in your message first time Rebekah lol

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              1. It’s a wonderful word, and it fits me so well … and you too now. Number of cats doesn’t matter — just being a lover of cats is enuff 😀

                I would like to have a website under the TLD .cat but then I would have to have at least one page in the Katalan language. LIke, for example tassitus.cat … wouldn’t that be extremely cool?! LOL

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                1. Thank you so much- and my cat is very smart, he would like to write comments on a website in Katalan language. I am not always sure I understand what he says, and my dog does not at all.

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