Nighttime [194/365]

IMG_3085When I go to bed, which happens pretty much around midnight every night, I turn off my iPhone after I’m finished reading my book. I always read on the phone nowadays. It used to be the iPad, but not since I got the larger model phone [6+]. I don’t put it on charge, though, until when I get up in the morning.

Last night, I realised something about myself I’d never thought about before: Before I turn it off, I have to  get rid of all those little, red notification numbers on each icon! Up until now, I’ve just done it, without reflecting upon it, but last night, in bed, I replied to an iMessage, so that the red 1 would go away. I regard iMessages as important, so they have a different notification sound than all the others, and now I’ll try to upload a sound file to WordPress for the first time in my life 🙂.

Yay! It worked

Clearly, another, little bout with OCD. Like right now, when I took this screenshot,  I have four emails, four scrabble games to be played and so on. No big deal, as I’m not turning it off for many hours … I can just relax, I don’t think there’s anything pressing for my attention.

23 Replies to “Nighttime [194/365]”

  1. The iPhone screen doesn’t look that different from my Android screen. The sound is so nice and so similar to the sound of the underground/regular trains here! I clear all my notifications as soon as I notice them. Are there people who don’t?


    1. I have only my husband’s Android tablet to compare with. Actually I have two of these types of signals, but it wouldn’t upload the other one. It’s called Airport. When I was in an airport the last time, and they kept calling out for people, over the speaker system, it was confusing; it thought I got a text message each time 🙂
      Normally I take care of them right away, but it depends a little on what I’m doing.


      1. Haha, that’s a good anecdote, with the Airport tune 🙂 I’ve grown allergic to the default Whistle tune notification for messages – not sure if it’s for all Android devices, but so many people are using it that I now hate to hear it. I always change my default settings to something a bit more unique. That way at least I know it’s likely my phone and not another person’s phone beeping.


        1. I think it’s the same on all Android devices … I keep hearing it everywhere 🙂

          It’s 31ºC outside this evening. I don’t even dare to think about the temperature in here.


    1. There’s definitely ‘room’ for such an app. One have to be careful about the email, though. Sometimes, there’s something of importance, not just NYTimes telling me that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton.


    1. That’s a pleasant sound, Bekah and, as Mara said, sounds like the “clear the doors/train’s leaving the station” sound in Europe (that I’ve only ever heard in movies… ):


  2. I too like to read B4 bed (which is around midnite also). However I am ‘old school’ (or just old?)
    I like the ‘feel’ of a book in my hands…..go figure! And I use my flashlight like I was 10 years old too, hahaha!!!


      1. I hear you about ‘heavy’…..
        I use a flashlite because only 7 watt nit lites on at nite. A trick to keep my mind quiet so I can get to sleep. Flashlite looks like a camper lite…


          1. Sorry I did not make that clear did I Rebby????
            I use night lights in the evening only. the actual lamps rarely get used & I do not turn on the ceiling lights much either.
            The night lights are smaller bulbs & are 7 watts each. I have 1 in bathroom & 1 in bedroom. 2 in kitchen area & 3 in the living room. They give off enough light combined so I can see where I am going. With Dharth Henry’s fixed pupil ALOT of light bothers him, so using a few night lights gives him enough light w/out hurting his eyes. I use clear bulbs in the kitchen & bathroom & frosted for the living room & bedroom. Sometimes I even find blue night light bulbs!!! They give off a lovely hue of color…..


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