through the fence [146/365]

Back in 2009, when I’d just bought the camera, an acquaintance of mine, suggested we’d go to the zoo. As we were leaving, it struck me that there would be fences of various kinds, so how would we be able to take pictures? Before going out the door, I quickly googled it, found something, and happily took photos all day. Talk about beginner’s luck!

I haven’t been back to the zoo since, and never given much thought toΒ taking photos through chain link fences. Until the other day, when Mara and I started talking about it. Those fences are everywhere, so yesterday I decided to give it a go, to see what could be done. It really isn’t difficult.

The actual fence

As this was just an example/experiment, there’s nothing special about it … just greenery and white flowers.

I set my aperture to the widest (⨏5.6 in my case), held my lens as close to the fence as possible,without really touching it. I shot a few, with various zooming, and they turned out pretty much alright. There’s one, where you can see a slight shadow of the fence, but hardly noticeable if you don’t know about it.


28 Replies to “through the fence [146/365]”

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I was SO happy about my zoo day, especially since I was such a newbie! I do remember one fox presented itself as a great challenge, but that wasn’t a chain link fence — it was something else.

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  1. Excellent work! The zoo pictures are really stunning – both the tiger and the monkey have such a cute expression on their faces πŸ™‚ I’ll see if I find any fence, preferably with something interesting behind it, for my next Changing Seasons photo shoot. I would never know of this trick if you didn’t mention it!

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    1. Thank you … I’m glad to hear that! That [zoo] was my lucky day, photo-wise. I have all kinds of lions, peacocks and llamas in my files now πŸ™‚


      1. Yes, zoos are sad places, but just think – if we didn’t have zoos, people wouldn’t get to know about these animals or care what happens to them in their natural habitat. I suppose we have to accept the “sacrifice” of a few animals to save the species. But back to the fence situation, a few years ago there was an incident where a tourist was too close to the fence at the panda cage and he was seriously hurt by a panda that reached through and attacked him. (I think that was in China). I suppose it’s not the only time that happened.


  2. it is a challenge for sure. I love it when we can pass on what works. I figured this out by accident and there’s likely other things I won’t ever figure out.


    1. It was almost by accident for me too. I’d read a few lines, that I surely didn’t understand before I left for that zoo trip. So yes, I’m glad I’ve managed to pick up something.

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