downtown – uptown [133/365]

The Old Courthouse, still standing

Here in Saint John, the downtown area is referred to as uptown. We don’t go there very often these days. Like most other people, we tend to go out to the shopping district. In the tourist brochures, they talk about the “bustling uptown”, but most of the time it looks dead. Unless there’s a cruise ship in, OR like when I went there yesterday; it’s around the noon hour. I wanted to take pictures, but there there were cars and people everywhere. You see a very small portion of King’s Square in this picture, and how the grass is beginning to get green, finally.

DSC_9584Red brick buildings, that’s what signifies uptown, and also one thing I fell in love with on my first visit here. I must have a real thing for red brick.

Here’s is the corner of King Street and Germain.

I decided to take Germain Street for my little photo walk. Not only because of the red brick, but also because it shifts from being a business area to residential. The picture on top of this post is a portion of all the numerous townhouses on Germain.

DSC_9589One little, old boozer was sitting on the sidewalk, and when he saw the camera hanging around my neck, he asked “Do you want to take my picture?” He would actually have made a great picture, he was rather scruffy, so I said “Sure, why not!”. However, that was when he started negotiating … starting out with five bucks. I told him I didn’t have any cash and then he asked me what I’d use it for … where I’d put it up. So, I just walked away. I had this idea, floating around in my mind, I could have given him five bucks, and taken down his story … how he’d ended up where he was, but decided against it.

In this picture, though, you get the idea of how old and new is mixed in this city. The concrete part is a shopping mall, and the tall one is the Bell building.

DSC_9590Luckily, they’ve saved lots of the old parts, and it’s referred to as the Heritage district. You know you’re in it, when you see these blue street signs — otherwise they’re the regular, green signs.

Trinity Royal, on top of the sign, is the name of the ward (I think).

DSC_9586This graffiti pigeon has started to appear, quite frequently in the city — I’ve read about it in Twitter, so of course I had to take its picture.

I saw less graffiti than I’d expected. In fact, that was one thing I had in the back of my mind when I started out; graffiti.

DSC_9593I thought this one was rather picturesque, though … down in a narrow alley. Guess it’s more of a mural than graffiti.

Also so many quaint little restaurants I didn’t even know of before.

Walked all the way down to the new cruise ship terminal, and by the time I got there, I was rather tired.

DSC_9644One last red brick building, though. This used to look rather decrepitated, but now it’s being turned into upscale condos. I read about it in the local newspaper, and they look very posh … the condos, that is. It’s the corner of Water Street and Princess.

I love this little city.



22 Replies to “downtown – uptown [133/365]”

  1. Good walkabout – I am getting more of an idea of the city. Those are nice buildings – the properties in the top picture – the brick one with the bow front, the grill work, the arched windows – a lot of work went into it. And then next to it, what looks like a fine, grey sandstone with a different look to it.

    What street is that?


    1. It’s still on Germain Street. The sandstone is just another residence … but different 🙂 Almost all of these have turned into rather upscale homes.


  2. That’s such a great post! I love your photos, and I don’t see too may people in them that would bother me. There’s something about red bricks – I like them too. It looks slightly industrial to me, which is a look I prefer. The boozer story is classic – I haven’t tried asking people for permission to take their photo because I’m pretty sure that it’s what it would boil down to – how much I’ll pay them for the photo.


    1. Thank you, Mara! No, I made a point of avoiding them. Shot 95 photos, and there were many cars and people.
      I didn’t want to get involved in the boozer story — especially not after he said “where will you put them up?” When you’re able to ask such a question, you’re not totally out of touch with virtual reality.


  3. Very cool walk Rebby! Thank you for taking us with you!! I too LOVE red brick buildings…there is something dignified about them. Adore the old building & hope you can take a photo once it is all refurbished into Condos’.
    LOL the old drunk trying to make a few dollars for some cheap ‘plonk’ (wine). We all have a story….maybe $5 would be worth it to hear his? 😉


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