spring light [115/365]

When the daylight comes back, after you’ve lived in almost complete and utter darkness, for several months, I think it screws with your mind. Don’t know what it is, whether it’s hormones or enzymes that’s wreaking havoc, … at least with my mind.

Where I’m from, in Sweden … it’s on 62ºN (we now live on 45ºN), so it’s not the northernmost area, but still … we get very few hours of daylight in wintertime. Up in the real north, they get no daylight.

Spring Thaw

Then the bright light of Spring comes back in full force, and perhaps it gets like a shock to the system. At least, that’s how I felt when I was young. I was seventeen when I started to work, and stayed with that company for twelve years.

One time, early on, this spring-light-thing happened. I was too young to really reflect on what was happening … I didn’t get depressed, but rather wanted change, breaking up, move … anything. I don’t think I even saw the connection until I was in my early twenties. Anyway, I must have been at least eighteen, because I remember I had my car. Went and got a new job, then back to work and handed in my resignation.

In hindsight, I can only imagine what a disaster this would have been, because I actually loved my job, and the place where I was working. Luckily, half an hour later, I was called in to the managing director. He talked to me … asked me what was going on, if something had happened and so on. We talked it over and It so happened that he knew the guy in the new place. He called him up and got me out of this silliness. Later on, I was forever grateful that he did, because those twelve years there, were my best working years of my life.

Other times, I’ve broken up from relationships or  moved apartment, just for the sake of it. That was alright, I guess … each time I thought “this is the last time I move — I don’t want to see another banana box”.  In these days of the Internet, I could have just put a new theme on my blog 😄. I think just about anything new/any kind of change would have done the trick.

Over the years, this diminished, and eventually vanished. It’s spring right now, and I don’t feel it the slightest. Besides, it’s not as dark here, as it is back home, either.

20 Replies to “spring light [115/365]”

  1. You are right. Light and lack of light do mess up with one’s mind. I’ve been feeling so disgustingly cheerful since we had sunlight. Things are looking up though, there is fresh snow in mountain regions here today, and the temperature drop is such that I’ll probably need to take out my winter coat again. Also, no sun.


    1. Not much better here — temperature has gone up to +6º now, but there’s this ice cold wind. Saw snow in southern Sweden on FB … I’ll bring out the winter coat again 🙂

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  2. Great subject Rebby! Love the photo of a spring! Very creative. I have to say I find the Daylight switch on clocks harsh. I do not mind darkness or cloudy days at all. All of a sudden it is sunny thru my window @ 6 A.M. which is ridiculous. Hence the blackout drapes now. I am a 10 A.M. to midnight sort of girl, lol…..


    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t mind darkness either, but I do think it affects us … when it goes on for a long time. The spring light feels harsh when it gets back all of a sudden!

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  3. I too have always felt this itchy wanderlust in the spring – this intense desire to wipe the slate clean and start over. It never occurred to me that it was the increasing daylight that might have triggered it.
    Since I retired, I get a lot more time outside in daylight even in the dead of winter, so I don’t feel the same itchiness anymore.


    1. Good to know I wasn’t alone 🙂 I came to realise, much later in life, that it must have something to do with Spring at least, and eventually also the light.

      I moved away from long, and very dark, winters, ‘retired’ at the same time and I no longer feel anything of it.

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  4. The sunlight sure wakes me up EARLY these days lol and I usually like to sleep in… 😛 I COULD get a dark curtain or something but it is kind of nice to see the pretty mornings!


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