a little chuckle [61/365]

Scan 46I’m not all that big into «smilies», but I do use them to convey that whatever I wrote was ‘said with a smile’ or ‘tongue-in-cheek’. Guess I should be able to write in a way they wouldn’t be necessary, but I’m not. One time, when I first came online, I did write something which was totally misinterpreted, because of the lack of a smiley face, and after that I use them occasionally. In written language it is difficult to make emotions come across the way we do in speech … tone of voice, inflection, volume and so on. We have pretty much just the exclamation- and question mark.

Recently, I’v noticed a new smiley has shown up on my iPhone, namely this: 🙃. It represents ‘sarcasm’, I’ve just found out. Wouldn’t have seen that one coming — not spontaneously. From what I understand, it can replace the “jk”, ‘just kidding’ that I’ve often seen.

Won’t be frequently used by me, that’s for sure. I’m not the kidding type of person, and I don’t tease others much either. Personally,  I doubt it will gain any traction in general, but we shall see.

Back in 1996/97 when I first came online, there weren’t any smileys. At least in the group I ‘belonged’ to, people typed * S * for smile, * LOL * [we all know that one], * ROFL *, * LMAO * and so on … they didn’t even use the : -)

Here, in WordPress, when you type a colon and a right parenthesis, it automatically becomes a smiley face … if you have it set that way, that is 🙂

20 Replies to “a little chuckle [61/365]”

  1. Love the cartoon – it made me LOL. 🙂

    I read somewhere that the 😉 (semi-colon plus dash plus parenthesis) which looks like a raised eyebrow is the most unpopular emoji because people don’t know how to take it.


    1. 😉winking face … no, it’s hard to tell!

      Wasn’t it last year, LOL was accepted into some dictionary … Oxford, I think. If LOL in itself has become a word … then it gets all different. «I loled all the way to the bank» … or would it be lolled?! 😑

      CMD + CTRL + SPACE brings them all up 😉


  2. ROFL Rebby I hear you! I am not ‘up’ on all the short forms & fancy emoticons. I keep things pretty simple (something like me!)
    I LOVE the cartoon; absolutely adorable! Thanks for a 🙂
    I needed that!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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  3. Oh dear! I really am living in the Dark Ages. I had to look up what ROFL and LMAO mean. Waste of time, in a way because I’ve never associated laughing with that part of my body, and ROFL has to be pretty extreme. But some of the expressions are handy, I suppose. LOL is sometimes true when I use it, but it has to be a good one. Thanks for the info on the rectangle for sarcasm, although it’s not one I would use. Good to know what others mean though.My favourite ones are IMHO and OMG, TTYL or TTYT, but that’s pretty much it (with a few LOLs added in).


  4. Whatever happened to ha ha or hehe? As far as I am concerned most “just kidding” statements are in truth really emotional truths deep down that someone doesn’t want to be accountable for so why not a JK in the center of th rectangle? ROFL would be awesome; if I was capable of such a stunt I would be a spring chicken again.


    1. You put words on something I’ve always felt … about the ‘just kidding’. I think that’s exactly what they are! Good to hear I’m not alone about feeling that way.


  5. I agree about the just kidding. It’s one of those expressions that really annoys me. Sounds more like passive-aggressive behaviour.

    I didn’t know the upside smiley-face meant sarcasm. Learn something new everyday.

    I did have a good laugh at a story told to me by a friend. She didn’t know LOL was used to mean laugh out loud and used it in a sentimental card sent to one of her sons. Needless to say, he was puzzled by the comment. She thought all those LOLs out there meant Lots of Love.

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  6. I have both icons! I thought the upside down smiley meant you were upside down about something or crazy or just silly. Shows what I know. I didn’t use them much until I started using Instagram


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