pleased [48/365]

As opposed to yesterday’s «disgruntled post», I’ve entitled this ‘pleased’ because I’m not a whiner. Not that the problem has been resolved, but I’m sure it will be soon. As I was standing in the kitchen now, waiting for the first mug of coffee, I was thinking about the first humans … when they lived in caves, and stuff like that! They didn’t have shampoo or any hygienic products! Ewww … no hair brushes or combs either! Imagine the tangled hair 🙂! Now, this was a bit jokingly, but still, I’m so glad and thankful to have been born in the time and place I was. When I was forty five, the Internet came around for real … to common people. The fact that I was that old, made me so much more appreciative of it than I would have been if I’d been born right into it. If I feel like it, I can spend all day online … it won’t cause my phone bill to sky-rocket, like it did in the beginning.

Sometimes websites aren’t all that intuitively built, so it takes a few extra clicks to do this or that. This never fails to irk me — that they haven’t thought it through properly. Those times I have  to remind myself about that it wasn’t all that long ago I had to take an elevator down to the basement, walk long corridors to the archive, just to get some files.

So, all those things went through my mind, while I was waiting for that first cup. Thoughts don’t take very long time, in fact, in a split second you have time to think a lot. Good thing that all those synapses in the brain are working. Anyway, then I sat down here and checked out my WordPress Reader, to see what new had come up overnight. As I read Joss’ post — even though it was on a more serious note — it struck me that we were, basically, thinking about the exact same thing; ‘change’. How change is a part of our lives we can be really sure of, and how thankful we are to be part of it all … here and now.

18 Replies to “pleased [48/365]”

  1. Tankar är snabba – även så dags på dagen. Jag är också tacksam för internet och allt det har fört med sig, trots att en hel del skit “blomstrar” på grund av det. Changes? Ja tack.


    1. Hej och tack för besöket! Ja, precis som vanligt, blir det mycket skit som följer. Tror inte jag skulle vilja vara tonåring idag, när man betänker nätmobbning och allt sån’t.


  2. Too true, Bekah!
    Isn’t it amazing how our brains can jump – from one thing, to the next, to the next – all in a nanosecond?
    I’m truly hoping that the (web/ programming) logic you’ve so irritatedly described as lacking here comes more easily to those who think logically?; )


    1. Deb, I’ll give one example of what I meant: In Gmail [on the web], it takes two clicks to delete a message. In Outlook/Hotmail/MSN/Live whatever it takes only one, because they have a trash bin next to every message 😀


      1. Pushing this thought a little further… Something I’ve wondered about on the “Outlook/Hotmail/MSN/Live” family of pages; why do they not have it so that one can delete in batches, instead of only one-at-a-time? Fairly sure that this used to be an option…
        Gmail, well… ; )
        Argh; I can still hear that uber-annoying sound of Dial-Up – almost as bad as being unexpectedly assaulted by someone’s FAX machine – or is that the same sound? (Guess I don’t remember it as well as I thought; )


        1. LOL @ that sound — it’s unforgettable!

          To delete batches: Select the first. Hold down SHIFT and select the last. Delete. If they’re not lined up, so that they’re here and there in the inbox, use CTRL instead of SHIFT.

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    1. Yes 🙂 It’s impossible to try to imagine NO change.

      I’m glad you felt that — it could have been a Starbucks 😊 There have been times when I’ve wished I had one of those ‘niche blogs’ [but I have no niche], but nowadays I’m just fine with this kitchen-table-type of blog.


  3. I surely wouldn’t want to go back but I see my kids who grew up with computers and they are quite taken for granted. The smart phones on the other hand didn’t come available until they were older. I am like you. I went through several clicks to get to something and just got tired of looking for the page. The ironic thing though was they sent me an email and knew what I was looking at but they can’t get me to the page I want when I’m there.


    1. Okay … they ask for your email in the check-out. I didn’t provide that, but somebody else has stated my email, so I kept getting those emails too. It was easy to unsubscribe, though.

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