one has to be careful [aside]

Apparently, one has to be extremely careful when editing HTML/CSS even in a regular post! I’ve just wasted almost an hour trying to figure out why my post wouldn’t ‘save to draft’. It wouldn’t do the autosave, it got stuck on saving … the little wheel just kept spinning. I’m still not sure what I’d done wrong — there were no major edits, just a few links, but removing the post and pasting it back in as pure text solved the problem.

Before I came up with that splendid idea, I’d been through the whole, tedious procedure of disabling plugins, changing browser, changing themes and so on. Nothing helped and it seemed as if my page was down at times.

Perhaps I’d missed some little < tag > somewhere, I’ll never know — in any case, after that it went swimmingly.

19 Replies to “one has to be careful [aside]”

  1. A heads up that if you make an invalid change to the functions.php file, you will get a blank site and no way to get back in to the back end unless you FTP in.

    It’s a good idea to save a copy of the ‘before’ version of the functions file to your desktop so that if you do make an error, then you have a valid file to send back to the server.


      1. This is the free WordPress theme Toujours. I kind of like it too.

        I would have done the same, but I had this feeling this was something I’d caused myself. And it was, apparently.


  2. When I self hosted, I made a backup copy of every PHP file and they will come in handy. The wheels on the bus go round and round, the babies on the bus go wa wa wa!!


  3. I’ve lost a post when WP was having troubles and the blue wheel was spinning up a storm. I thought it was something I had done but it turned out that a lot of people had trouble that day. It was annoying to have lost my post though, after spending so much time on it.


    1. It could have been something temporary at their end too … I will never know. I just tend to think that I’m the cause of everything that goes wrong LOL


  4. Oh, your header picture’s back – Hurray! – and it is LOVELY!: )
    Also, THANKS!! For more great advise to squirrel away for later…
    I might not understand it all right now (but I may later; )


    1. Yeah, I changed theme altogether. When they finally replied to me in the support forum, they didn’t really have any advice so … shrug. There are so many themes to choose from so, no need to be stuck with that!

      You may very well understand that in a while [it’s still available 🙂]


  5. Yes (more shame-faced chagrin ~ see text; )
    Still trying to find time to (REALLY!) clean out & make space for system upgrades, etc…
    Oh, but speaking of “cleaning up”…
    Do you happen to know if there’s a way to ensure that email erased on the phone can also be deleted from mail systems on laptop as well?
    Thanks though (awesome!: )


    1. When you delete them from msn/iCloud they will be gone, doesn’t matter whether you do it on the phone or in their webmail.

      It would be such a sad thing if someone were to snag those leaves … 😉


      1. Yes, of course, you’re very correct about leaving things too late… But, regarding the trashing of email, removal from the phone does not (currently) automatically delete them from the computer.
        And now, back to the matter of available space… Okay, so what would happen if I went ahead – but don’t have newest version of OS?
        I suppose because it’s on WordPress, that one doesn’t require much space on the actual device(s) BUT, will it work properly (or at all): without the most uptodate OS?


        1. Do you use the email client that came with the computer?
          iOS and what we’re talking about has absolutely nothing to do with each other.

          We take this to email instead … it’s getting too cryptic ROFL


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