text size [39/365]

Back in 2006, we were a group of people, blogging in Yahoo360 — I’ve mentioned this place many times before. One of my ‘followers’ kept complaining at my blog all the time … not about what I wrote, but the looks of it. The person couldn’t read it, the font was too small.

For some reason, back then I had a hang-up about a certain size and font [verdana 11px]. It looked like this:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet swine prosciutto cupim, spare ribs leberkas turducken salami pork loin shoulder landjaeger turkey tri-tip kevin chuck. Turducken pastrami filet mignon, brisket short ribs pancetta hamburger shankle beef pig tail salami shoulder tri-tip andouille. Pastrami shank corned beef, sausage strip steak spare ribs bresaola meatloaf venison. Pork corned beef cupim flank hamburger venison salami.

Alcatra shankle beef ribs, bresaola t-bone prosciutto filet mignon. Boudin picanha fatback, pork pig pancetta tail biltong ham t-bone chuck jowl pork loin doner cow. Pancetta strip steak spare ribs drumstick ribeye cupim ball tip. Biltong ground round tail brisket, rump t-bone turducken meatball. Venison cupim alcatra pork.

I can still read the above, without changing position, but it’s tiresome!

Yesterday, I thought about this blogger … wanted to go back and say «I’m Sorry!»  Came across a blog last night — I was really interested to read it — so I had my nose up against the screen almost … it was a yellowish font on a dark brown background, and the size was about the same as my example above.

My glasses are just fine. I don’t know, but I just can’t read stuff like that anymore. Perhaps it’s age.

In general; I think since all the mobile devices came into play, the font size has increased. It’s easily noticeable in all new themes WordPress puts out. If you go back and find some old WP theme, you’ll see that the font is much smaller. This is all over the web, not just here in WordPress. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan, but boy, was it ever easy to get accustomed to that!

Strange though; New York Times has a rather small font on their front page, but I have no trouble whatsoever reading there?! Is Georgia/Serif easier to read? They only have it that small on the front page — as you go in and read the articles, there’s normal sized font.

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    1. Yes, that is a very pleasant experience!

      It must be something, like that guy wrote about … line-heigh, font-size and the length of lines, that all comes together in a nice way.


      1. I liked that article … especially this «The whole point of the web is there isn’t a gatekeeper. There isn’t someone with a red pen saying, “That isn’t good enough to be published. That’s not up to scratch. You’re not allowed to publish it.”… It could be the worst thing ever and you still have the right to publish it on your website. You should do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise» 🙂


  1. I’d guess that most people will read the front page of the Times without any trouble… But getting them to open up and carry on; well, perhaps that’s something they’re willing to put a little more effort into? ; )


    1. Well … that’s about making it interesting, I guess. I honestly don’t know — I read NYTimes in a different way. They send me email, I have a fresh one in my inbox every morning, which I go through … and then, if there’s anything breaking throughout the day, I get pop-ups in my browser.


      1. Hmm, I wonder if they have the same thing happen with their “morning Edition” eCopy as with the actual newspaper… As you said, important things are also sent directly (& immediately)


  2. I started to have troubles with font size about when I got thirty. Before that, I could read anything. Now I’m all for big fonts – though at first I didn’t like the trend when new WP themes with “bold fonts”, as they call it, started to appear – and no matter how much I like colour backgrounds, I can only read black text against white background. If it’s anything else, I won’t strain my eyes to read it… I find sans serif fonts easier to read on the web, but I know it’s a huge discussion as to if serif or sans serif is more readable. Your blog as it is now is just fine for me.


    1. It was really bad for a while, but these last glasses I got a year ago, are terrific. In the beginning [of my online life], I totally went crazy … had even textured background images, but I think, in hindsight, that was just because I was so happy to know a little HTML. Now, I’m like you … black-ish on white. Can’t make up my mind about the serif vs. sans. The link David gave here above, that’s serif and it’s a delight to read.


      1. I can hear you, I’m always so happy when I can change something that I do unnecessary changes for the worse – only because I can 😀 Your font seems to be serif, but it reads very well. So there are obviously no hard rules here.


  3. Font size is critical to viewers. I dare say some will not return because of poor design. I reworked the color scheme on my site yesterday which included bringing the font color up several percent. Easier reading.


    1. Yes, it really is … critical. You’d have to be really, really interested to go back to a site like the one I described; yellow font on dark brown background. Sad.

      Your page is a delight …


  4. I never noticed the size difference because a lot of that insert had meat words….beef, chicken, duck….beef ribs…what was THIS post about??? HAHAHA!
    OK seriously, I find I need a bigger font nowadays because my vision is not what it used to be & even with glasses I do not want to strain my eyes. My ‘zoom’ is set at 125% & that works well for me. I LOVE Georgia font as it is pretty without being all jammed together like some fonts are. Verdana is nice also but I use it too much, lol…


    1. LOL @ the bacon text … it’s just something instead of the usual ‘lorem ipsum’ … to fill it out.

      Right here and now, in this blog, it’s a font called Noto Serif, which is my favourite for the moment. Usually I hang on to them for quite some time 😉


  5. I know some fonts run together like the kerning is off. One reason I keep using Google is you can adjust the size of fonts in settings.


    1. Google Fonts? Yeah, that’s really neat.

      I have one on the computer that I love [Gill Sans], but I can’t stand how the 1 (the digit one) looks.


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