Phew! [15/365]

Hated giving up on my daily-post-project that early, and while I still was having fun with it. Getting up in the morning, fixing a cup of steaming, black coffee and thinking about something to write … I enjoyed it immensely. But as I sensed the bad vibes, AND I’m still not living up to «you can’t please them all», I came up with a compromise: My old blog where I was writing all this, used to be the custom domain I removed that, let it go back to the free WordPress address [], and turned into a self-hosted one … namely this … where you’re reading now. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really was.

ocdWanted to do that while it was still doable. After all … there were only fourteen posts to copy. I’d been looking forward to see 365 posts neatly lined up on New Years Eve this year, and my OCD senses were seriously tingling when I gave up 😊.

24 Replies to “Phew! [15/365]”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I was going back and forth, pondering … and then it dawned on me I could do this, as I still had hosting left. Felt good … and right!


  1. Oh dear, I’m not sure I entirely got how you did this, but I absolutely love that you did it! I was upset with your quitting so soon more than I should probably be. And this Phew post and the ugly anti-OCD wire is perfect for your comeback 😀


    1. Yeah, it sounded more complicated than it really was, but I felt good about it. The gut feeling was right.

      Can’t take phone cords when they get like that … I just can’t! Ughh


      1. So Bekah, how DO people manage to screw up their cords like that, anyway?!): and welcome back! (I thought you’d given it up just a little too easily; )


        1. I wish I knew!!! Those cords are evil — they seem to do it by themselves, because I’d never do it LOL

          Oh no, I didn’t give up … I just regrouped/reorganized … heh!


  2. In this wide world it upsets me when anyone would think they were a nuisance to someone else. Those busy bodies don’t have to read or follow. I think it’s a shame.


    1. Right, nobody’s forcing anyone to be here or do anything all. If I were that busy, I wouldn’t sign up for this type of activity.

      Anyway … it’s good now.


    1. Well, you know … this time, I really hadn’t planned for any move at all, but I wanted to ‘spare’ all the subscribers that found one blog a day to be such a nuisance. Turns out I’m very pleased with this set-up now, so it’s all good.


          1. I must have ‘missed’ a chapter…who was annoyed with you & why??? scratches head
            I really have to pay more attention Rebby! I am sorry you felt so badly 😦
            I feel badly I was not paying attention….


            1. One thought it was a damned nuisance, others thought I should write meaningful posts instead … blah blah … There were more. It felt sad, because the other woman who’s doing this, she’s gained followers, and reconnected with her blog circle.


              1. A post a day is not for everyone but some people can do it & I ‘tip my hat’ to them!
                And what you write about on YOUR blog is YOUR CHOICE!! Some people have a nerve!
                Seems like the other woman was making it a contest perhaps? That is why I go my own way; I do not ‘do’ pressure well….


                1. One hardly ever post at all, another posts long [minimum 1,500 words] blogs.
                  Well, it’s all water under the bridge now, and I’m happy here. I could have stayed, out of spite, but it wouldn’t have felt good inside.


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