WP Weekly Photo challenge ~ Grid

We often superimpose a mental grid over things we photograph to help with composition. This week, let’s go literal.

A wintry little grid … nice cooling-off effect now, when we’re experiencing record breaking, hot temperatures here in the Maritimes.


25 Replies to “WP Weekly Photo challenge ~ Grid”

  1. Ah.. winter… Fall is just beginning here in NY. I like this picture a lot. Especially the hazy, snowy background. Yeah, I’m ready for winter (might regret that comment later). Great shot!

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  2. With record amounts of fruit and cones hanging on the trees this year; I’d be careful what you wish for…


    1. Yeah, we might get another one! But the opinions differ about that fruit and cone-thing. They are opposed. We had (have?) an old saying in Swedish: When the branches of the rowanberry tree are weighed down by rowan berries, there won’t be much snow [OR there will be plenty of snow] LOL either way — we’ll see.


  3. LOVE the photo!! 🙂 And I have heard that the saying is it will be plenty of snow lol or at least a cold winter! This year there ARE a lot of rowan berries…. brrrr lol


    1. Hmm, Rowan and Mountain Ash are similar species, right? ‘Cause my Mountain Ash has the largest, lushest crop of berries this year than it’s ever had before…
      From Wikipedia:
      “In weather lore, a year with plentiful Rowan fruit would mean a good grain harvest but followed by a harsh winter…” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorbus_aucuparia
      Uh oh!

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  4. I love the design of the dark underneath. Nature is so artful. I remember when you were having trouble getting out because the snow was as high as your head. Time flies. I say it often.


  5. Excellent!!! It is 72 F still here & it is lovely. Siddhartha henry had a wee nap & supper & he is back out in Condo….Have no idea what I will do when Winter arrives…..lol…..
    Cat sitting in a snowbank……hahahaha!


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