CloudUp is a little service that I’ve grown to love over these two+ years I’ve had it. It just sits there, in the bar … unintrusive. When I see something funny, cute or useful, I just drag it up there.

one proud mother

I knew I had the above picture there, and as I looked at my iMessages on the phone this morning, the image, with the cupcakes, came to mind! A friend, back home, has three Sacred Birman cats — two females and one male. She’s a breeder. Both females were expecting now, for Easter, one got five kittens and the other one, two!

She has to stay up and check on them, so she was pretty exhausted herself! 🙂 All went well, though.

5 Replies to “CloudUp”

  1. Doggie cuppycakess!!!! Mee had to commint Aunty Rebby; thiss iss a cute foto!
    Ok here iss LadyMum ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry ❤
    Hi Rebby that IS funny pic of the dog with cupcakes….
    I LOVE the pic of the Sacred Birman Momma cat….I like to think that is what Nylablue’s Mother looked like 😉
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


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