Test, disregard

Just wanted to see if pictures get uploaded to the blog when you post via EverNote.

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13 Replies to “Test, disregard”

    1. No! I tried it again and it didn’t work 😀

      Going to give it up, because I just read in Gmail that after some time in April they’ll take away whatever it was that made this possible.

      Will find something else … where you can blog on the go.


    1. I thought I’d found the perfect one this morning, but it turns out the guy is no longer supporting it…

      EverNote has a terrific blogging system, [postach.io], but then you’re totally outside of the WordPress ecosystem.


    1. Nae … there is one possible right now, we’ll see…

      Oh, I wouldn’t want to leave WP! It’s the best!


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