Was almost thinking of buying a hard drive as backup for $100 at Staples, when I decided to see if the laptop (DELL), I had before I bought the Mac, had any life left in it. Hooked it up with the network cable instead of wifi, for some reason. It felt good. It’s a bit like still having a landline phone … OCD?! Yes, I know … but I don’t care.

Cleaned out bunches of old crap on it, and now it works better [faster] than the Mac. Gawd …

Later realised the reason it’s faster, is because of the cable — wifi is slower. Secondly, our modem has to work a lot as five devices are hooked up to it, almost constantly.

Took this picture of McDuff the other day, when he was almost falling asleep on the kitchen table (!)

Today’s Winter Storm is namned Kari.

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