I’ve spent a great deal of energy getting the blog title’s font right here. ‘Right’, meaning … to my liking. It’s a long and drawn-out story — nobody would believe that I wasted that much time on something that hardly anyone will ever see. I honestly don’t know why I find this so … rewarding, in lack of a better word.

At first, I wanted some font that looked … faux Greek or Roman, so to speak. That was part of the problem; I didn’t know how to search for what I wanted. I found one in Google Webfonts, called Caesar Dressing, but it was a little bit too funny. 


tassitus_herculanum_vitThen I realised I had the perfect font on my computer; Herculanum! But I couldn’t get that online, so I made an image and tried to put that in as a background for the title section. The problem here was the section vanished when I told WP not to show title. Geez! Also, you no longer have a title for your blog when you do that [I think].

Wrote in and asked in the forum. Some guy in Australia with an endless patience tried to help me out there. He told me I could get any font, even from my computer, online with the help of a plugin. Great! I didn’t know that!

So now I got the Herculanum there, and it looked great. However; there was a problem! This plugin asked me, when I’d uploaded the font: “Do you have the right to publish this font” [or some such]. I had no idea … never even thought of that before!

Did a Google search on the subject and was immediately discouraged. Talk about ‘murky waters’! I removed it right away, because with my usual luck I would probably have gotten sued!

This wasn’t going anywhere, so I took time out to search Google Webfonts a little more thoroughly. As this is a low budget project, I’m certainly not going to pay for a font! Eventually I found one that I like … not as much as the Herculanum, but still … it looks classy enough.

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