Tassitus has been live since the beginning of December last year. Sounds like a long time, but it’s just one month. As I’ve stated before, I signed up just because I love the name … that was the initial reason and that’s still very valid.

After having written here, almost every day for one month, I have a better ‘feel’ for what I’m going to use it for and that’s basically two things: Like it is now … personal reflections, almost like an open diary and   ‘web stuff’. By that, I mean anything new and shiny online, or apps ‘n stuff for the iPhone. People often talk about their ‘passions’ in life … well, that’s mine! I love the iPhone [in case anybody missed that LOL], and I doubt Apple has got anyone sucked in that badly, and quickly as I was!

For some reason, I find it incredibly exciting to read about, and try out, new apps and things like that, and I’ll test them here. The native WordPress app is good, but I find it cumbersome to change ID all the time.

Having said all that, I still think it will be more of personal thoughts! So, «why wouldn’t I just sign up for a free wordpress dot com blog and write there», you might wonder?! Well … two reasons:

I wanted the domain name

Could have gotten that in wordpress dot com too, paid $12 per year, and still wouldn’t have had the freedom of custom design, and that part is important to me — it’s my little hobby.


Secondly, there’s a thing about wordpress dot com that normally doesn’t matter at all to any normal blogger: As soon as you start to post there, you get followers. That’s what you want when you’re blogging, right?! Well .. not necessarily in this case. I love followers in my regular blog but some are almost like ‘spam followers’, they just sit there and I don’t know why. It doesn’t feel good to write about stuff that I’ve already written about here, and a bunch of people who I know nothing about, perhaps reads it. Most likely they don’t , but anyway.

So, by having, what’s called, a self-hosted blog, nobody’s likely to find it unless they search for «tassitus», and why would they do that?! 🙂

I’ve started projects like this many times before, but this time it’s more structured. As much as it is an ‘open diary’, it’s a test page for themes, fonts and colours!

This post was written in the Write app for Mac.

5 Replies to “description”

  1. Ah ha now I know why you started a new blog! I admire you for doing more than 1 blog. I was going to do 2 but with Nylablue’s intensive care for those 19 months it was impossible. I am quite content with The Purrfect Pad & I do not worry much about the fringe followers. I have the lovely core group (of which you & maggie M. are a part of) & it is wonderful.
    To each their own tho’.
    I am so glad I can follow both your blogs!
    Sherri-Ellen x0


    1. I had absolutely not planned to have two … quite the contrary! It was just the name, and that it’s fun to just play around… in fact I’ve written more here than I ever imagined I would! 🙂


  2. LOL that is true about you writing more here. I can barely keep up. If I fall behind I am NOTY ignoring you. I can only be on PC when Siddhartha is asleep or else he is “ON” the laptop too. Not easy to type with a cat on the keyboard I can tell you!


    1. OMG I don’t expect you to! LOL I just feel the freedom here, to write about whatever, so I do that … mostly in the mornings. In the other place, I think hard and ponder before I post.

      Boy, do I remember what it was like, with regards to cat and keyboard! Both Murphy and McDuff!


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