the memory

The memory never ceases to amaze me. Several months ago, I started thinking about an old song, from my youth. Didn’t remember the name of the singer, nor the title … just that it was extremely sad and that it had to do with divorce. Couldn’t even search for a line from the lyrics, like I usually do in these cases. I knew I was very young when I heard it, perhaps twelve, thirteen! I knew nothing about love or divorces but was somehow attracted to this song. Perhaps because when I heard it on TV, the woman who sang it, couldn’t hold back her own tears … it was that sad!

Today, a Facebook friend had posted a video. It was «For the good times», and at first I got mixed up … thought perhaps it was that song, but quickly remembered I’d heard that with Kris Kristofferson. I realized I wouldn’t be able to recall the first one so I just gave it up.

Tonight as I was sitting here, at my desk, a name popped up in my mind — totally out of the blue! At the same time came the song title! Vicki Carr, With Pen in Hand!

I still want to cry a little…

5 Replies to “the memory”

  1. I had that happen about 4 yrs ago. I kept thinking of a song & I knew it was Leon Russell who sang it. Went onto Youtube & found the song :”Lady Blue” & sang it to Nylablue almost daily….I had not thpught of that song for many years….funny how the memory works isn’t it?
    The song you were thinking of is so sad 😦


    1. I know, don’t know how I could get so stuck on that when I was 13. It’s written by Bobby Goldsboro … the one who wrote «Honey». That’s even sadder!

      Once before, there was the name of a GROUP I couldn’t remember. Vaguely had some idea that it had to do with a car. This was long before the Internet. I could see them in my inner vision, and the female lead singer … couldn’t remember her name either. They were famous, and I knew them SO well!!! Then one day in the laundry room, it popped up out of nowhere: Fleetwood Mac, with Stevie Nicks! Both things! And I was right about the car; Cadillac Fleetwood LOL


  2. Those sad song always got to me too!!!
    There was so much going on in the music scene when we were younger…Iused to know all the music…now I am out of the loop…altho I DID watch Nick Jonas on New Year’s Eve, lol….
    Love Fleeywood Mac! Stevie Nicks still performing!!!!


    1. They still do, maybe different kind of sad, though.
      I’m so out of the loop! I don’t know who Nick Jonas is!

      I only listen to the Country radio in the kitchen, so that’s the only music I keep up with.

      In the grocery store check-out, I look at those magazines, and I don’t know any of the people on their covers!


  3. Ditto here about the magazine covers!! Nor do I care, lol…
    Nick Jonas is one of The Jonas Brothers. Here is a linkk to one of his videos.

    He is not naturally talented but he tries so much he IS very talented….if that makes sense!?


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