january fox

fox_january-minThis calendar is sitting on the wall beside me. Every year, I get a wall calendar from Canadian Wildlife as I support them with a little bit of money. As I don’t volunteer or do anything else, that’s the least I can do. I love the calendars and other stuff they send me, like those little address labels for letters.

One time I sent them an email asking: “How do I attract groundhogs to my garden? I thought they deserved a little laugh 😀 They replied, very politely, saying that it was a very unusual question, but suggested putting lettuce and some other stuff, out LOL. Parsley, I think it was.

I took this picture now, with my iPhone, then I transferred it quickly over to the computer, using AirDrop. It took a few seconds. If I think back, say … fifteen years in time … I couldn’t even have imagined such a thing.

Still, I can remember when I went somewhere to have a photo of me and the cat scanned! They put it on a floppy disc for me. It could have been 1997 or 1998. Felt rather exciting that I had a photo of me and the cat that I could put up on the computer or online!!!

Everything happens so fast in the world of electronics, and sometimes I wonder where it will end … if ever. In any event, I’m sure glad I was around to see and appreciate it.



10 Replies to “january fox”

  1. Cute fox pic Rebby. Just to let you know my PC died. I will be offline for approx 2 weeks….missing you. At friend’s so I can let people know what is happening!


    1. I read it in FB! That’s terrible!!! But not totally unexpected, I think we talked about it at some point… hope you’ll get ahold of a good one!


  2. It is done Rebby! I took PC in but Ron will not know til Friday if it can be fixed; I am sure it is fried.
    I will have to go back next week to buy a new one. I miss you all. Using friend’s for updates.
    Sending best wishes.


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