deep freeze

The last day of this year and it’s -17ºC this morning and no snow. The duck pond will be frozen over by now — the opening in the ice was very small yesterday. They should put a pump in there. I know they don’t want to encourage the ducks to stay, but now things are the way they are … I could donate the pump if they pay for the power. The two Coot seem to have decided to stay. They’ve moved over from the lake to the pond, since the lake is frozen over. They’re so cute!

One difference I’ve thought about, between WordPress dot com and self-hosted, is that when you start a blog in ordinary WordPress and post your first blog … you immediately get a few followers! These are not real, and I don’t know how they do it, but they’re like ‘spam followers’ or robots. They do have blogs indeed, but they’re always selling something and they never say a word. I don’t like that. I know they don’t read or care about what you write, but still … they sit there, and there’s no way of removing them. That’s an issue I don’t have here, in the self-hosted world. At least not that I’ve noticed. One can always set the blog to “private” and choose followers, but that doesn’t feel good either. Oh well, I’m happy the way things are here in Tassitus.
tassitusI’ve googled “tassitus” a few times, and there seem to be only me and one more person who have come up with that name. The other one is some kind of gamer of computer/online games. It’s probably that person who has signed up for Gmail and Twitter. He or she lives in Mexico and hasn’t tweeted since 2011, so I would like to think Tassitus is rather unique. That’s what I’ve been looking for with all these name changes: something cute that I love and unique. I loved junipurr but there were too many of them. I hope it will stay this way now, and I’ve signed up for tassitus in all other social media I can think of; such as Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo et cetera, in order to “protect” it LOL! I think I’ll stick with the logo I’ve chosen [above], even though it isn’t very suitable as far as logo goes.

No New Year’s resolutions for me … I’ll stick to my old one: “Don’t take crap from anyone!” 🙂







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