old times

When the weather is bad, I spend even more time online than usual! Yesterday it was pouring down most of the day, it was warm and muggy. Yuck!

Just for fun, I did a search in WordPress [tags] to see if I’d find any likeminded blogger but I didn’t. That’s alright. I love my little blog here and I feel good about it.

Everything seems to be so different nowadays, compared to Y360ΒΊ. Back then, we were almost like a small group or community. I still have several of them on my FB, but only one [you know who you are LOL] is still blogging. I cannot see FB as a replacement, that’s a whole different animal. There, I have people from all parts of my real life, and that’s not what this is all about.

I remember one woman, in particular, from Y360ΒΊ. She wrote every day! Little posts about her day-to-day life, it was nice to read her, and this had been going on the whole time it existed. Then, when FB started, so never wrote a blog again, and instead started playing some type of game there, that she apparently become totally obsessed with. I’ve even asked her, but she says she can’t go back.

Oh well, at least I’ve kept in contact with most of them. We lost a few when Y360 shut down and we all moved to Multiply. I never felt comfortable there, because I got pissed off with them. I wrote to their support to ask about something and got the most stupid, snotty reply. Since I have a memory like an elephant, I never got over that. They are no more, so that doesn’t matter any more. I’ve had WordPress since 2005, the way I have it here now.


And here is a picture of my cat LOL.


13 Replies to “old times”

  1. πŸ˜‰ Hmmmmm I wonder who this blogger is you mention>>>rofwl πŸ˜‰
    I have fB but it is jsut a way to do updates to a bunch of people from all parts of my life. Blogging is what I do too!
    I liked Yahoo 360 & Multiply was ok but I really had nothing to compare with at the time. Multiply did me a great favor by shutting down! Because of you & Maggie & a few others I came to WP & I LOVe it here!!!
    Just think we are in our 10 yr of friendship this coming August 2015….WOW!!!! πŸ™‚


    1. I agree on that — they did me a big favour too! There are many blogging platforms, but non of them gets even close to WP. Part of the fun with Y360 was that most of the people were new to blogging and even new to the web! It’s unbelievable that it’s been ten years already … and NINETEEN since I first logged onto the Internet!


  2. I got my 1st email in the year 2000. I had to go to Library weekly to check it. In 2005, Jon bought me 1st laptop & as I was a “Yahoo” girl I joined Yahoo 360 & the rest is history πŸ˜‰
    So I have been online for 14 yrs & blogging for 8 yrs mpw…WOW!!!!!


    1. My first email, I got at work in 1996. It was from my cousin in Florida, and I thought that was cool beyond words. We were all set up with email addresses at work. She was the only one I knew who had it.

      1997 I got to ‘inherit’ an old desktop computer from work.


  3. Wow you were far more prgressive than I was.
    My Medicine Man set up the email for me on Hotmail It was Big Paul who gave me the email addy as he knew that was my Native name in English….very cool. He was so sad when I went to Yahoo but I told him I would keep the ‘handle’ & I have…
    You were lucky to inherit a PC so early on! I woudl be lost w/out a laptop now!


    1. I was extremely lucky!!! Boy … I still remember the feeling … like euphoria!

      I have kept one Yahoo address from 1998: hadassah.98


  4. Me too…the euphoria having an email addy an ACTUAL email was fabulous!
    I did not know you had an original email addy. I have my GMX one & a AOL for FB but I do not use it much….I prefer GMX by far!


    1. Oh, I’ve just kept that yahoo-addy alive for ‘sentimental reasons’… I never use it. Not a huge fan of Yahoo Mail anymore, even though I admit their app for the iPhone is one of the best, strangely enough. When you go to their web mail, it’s dizzying with all the ads.

      I understand that they must live off something so they got to have ads, but why the hell must they be animated ??!


  5. I have heard the iPhone app is actually good. Yahoo tanked a few years ago. That is why I went to GMX…oh & I was getting so much SPAM with Yahoo…
    I do not know why the ads are animated; maybe they think we have childlike minds, rofwl πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, the spam! I had several accounts there and all of them got hacked. The only one I kept was that old one.


  6. Same here! Hacked! I was furious! FB has been hacked twice; both times by people I know (I suspect). Why do people have to stir things up?? I’ll never understand!


    1. Me either!!! It’s so maddening. Yahoo must have been under some organised attack, that went on for a long time. Better now, but it’s over between Yahoo and me.


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