blog like nobody’s reading

I often see «dance like no one is watching» go by in all the quotations in Facebook. I think that could apply to blogging too. It all depends on what type of blogger you are. The longer I’ve blogged, the more aware I get … or conscious … about how and what I write. As we age, we should become more care free about other people’s opinions, and I have, up to a point. It just feels so nice to have a little ‘side blog’. It’s not only that, it’s also a place to play around with themes and design. That’s what I love to do, and I have ever since Yahoo 360º started! As soon as I started to learn a little HTML, I was hooked. I guess web design was something that really hit home with me. In Y360º we were a whole bunch of people who shared that same interest, and that was what made it so much fun! I’d never met anyone before … especially not a woman, and NEVER my age … who shared that interest. Up until then, I wasn’t even aware of myself being such a visual person. We had a Friday night online chat group, which as a help/support group for newcomers and I still keep in touch with a few of the partakers in that group. One disappeared without a trace, though.

Now … to blog without anybody reading … then you’ve sort of missed the whole point of blogging. Blogging is supposed to be all about reaching out to the world with whatever it is you have to say … about interaction. That’s a wonderful idea, and I used to think I was a good writer. It wasn’t until I came here I saw that I wasn’t. All my uncertainties surfaced when I’d been here a while.

Take this post here now, for example … it’s all about ME. Am I that self centred that I have nothing else to write about?! Do I only think about myself? To answer my own question; I do indeed [think about other things]! Today, this post just happened to start out this way and I kept on going. It’s like freewriting … I just kept typing away what came up in my brain, because it felt good.

To go back to the web design and all that; I guess I could find some groups nowadays too, to take part in. Think I saw some, a few months ago. But I must have changed since 2006 because now I feel that everyone is so much better than I am, so I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Back then, I was full of unbridled enthusiasm and now I get that little voice asking me «What’s the point?». Besides, in the groups I’m a member of [in FB], people constantly fight over stupidities, which makes me lose faith in the human race. There’s this expat group, and they’re the worst. Many people become like maniacs, just because they’re hidden behind a computer screen.

Now the cat just puked on a carpet, so instead of letting my thoughts out here, I’ll go and take care of that. If there is one, little carpet in a big room, they always managed to hit that. Oh joy!

One Reply to “blog like nobody’s reading”

  1. Well my friend, to ME you ARE a good writer! And as I have told you before, I always enjoy reading everything you write!

    Oh yes, the good times in y360,,,, sigh. Nice memories for sure!! 🙂

    I do not think I would like to join any group today as well, and for the same cause like you are mention…

    So fed up with them maniacs! Bet they wouldn’t dare to act like that in the real world! Cowards!

    Awww poor McDuff! And poor Mom that had to pick that up too,,,,, ugh lol


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