news update

Last night, I went into Yahoo Mail to see whether my oldest email account was still alive. It was. I never use it -- I keep it for «sentimental reasons». It's from 1998. Right now, I got one of those 'breaking news' notices on my phone from BBC. I tend to take them more seriously … Continue reading news update


Since Leonard Cohen's passing the other day I've heard more covers of Hallelujah than I've ever heard before. Nevertheless ... here's one more. Knowing German, it's interesting to realise how many Yiddish words one understands. We are many, whose hearts and souls have been grabbed by his, often melancholy, lyrics and poems. Enjoy!



Six years ago, I went to Fredericton -- our province's capital -- visited the legislature building, amongst several other places. At that time, I had just purchased my life's first DSLR camera, a Nikon D60. I came back with one photo I really liked; a spiral staircase. I've often seen about that picture go by in … Continue reading re-take